Here is an example of how your training will go

You will print out all of the Workouts and put them in a Notebook.
(This will now be called your “Workout Notebook”.)

Your Workout sheet will guide you through all 10 Rounds of your training session

Your Workout sheet will guide you through all 10 Rounds of your training session.

First you’ll get your tunes cranking, wrap up your hands, get your water handy, and get your Round Timer set.
(Have your gloves ready… you’ll need them from Rounds 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10.)

You’ll be using a round timer to pace every round of the workout.

This will take “time” completely off your mind and let you focus on technique, execution, and performance.
You have to use a timer. This is not optional.

This will take “time” completely off your mind and let you focus on technique, execution, and performance

The first four rounds have been designed to slowly draw you into readiness for the Heavy Bag rounds.
It makes is sooo easy to start your workout that you don’t need to be “in the mood” at all.

As long as you show up, the System will take good care of you.

With the first 3 rounds, before you “hit the bag”, you’ll have gotten your flexibility covered and will be able to move all of your limbs in any direction without stiffness or catching.

You will be mentally geared up for additional effort before you have to perform it.
(You’ll be amazed how well this works. Trust me. You never have to be “in the mood” to exercise.
The system will do that for you.
You will magically be in the mood for the heavy bag before the heavy bag rounds start.)

So the first 3 rounds, as you can see below, are:
Seated Stretches
Standing Stretches
Dynamic Stretches

The final six rounds of every workout are on the heavy bag

The final six rounds of every workout are on the heavy bag.
By the time you get to these, you’ll be totally ready to go, completely
warmed up, and as loose as you’ll ever be.

Here’s what you will do on these rounds:

Fight the bag using the combination given on each round:

Move around, keep in a good fighting stance, keep proper distance,
respect the punching range, and keep fighting until the bell rings.

It’s a three-minute fight using one specific combination. (Trainers: when you are training clients you will use 5-minute rounds)

This is so much more enjoyable than having to think up a new strike to do a hundred times during a round.
That is what drains all of your workout energy- which is now going into the
performance instead of planning in your head.


A real break time. Not “pushups and burpees time”. (Hooray! Right?)

Cease fighting, catch your breath, walk around, get water, and really try to relax
before the Green bell rings and it’s “Go” time again!


That is all you have to do during this entire training System: wait for the green light and bell and then read the game plan for that Round.

Your mind can finally relax. And this goes session after session, month after month, year after year.

When you join the Kickboxing Underground, all your workout planning is done. For a lifetime.

This System is perpetually renewable and you will love every workout. It does not become boring or feel repetitive.

Ok, back to the workout…..By the final bell and the end of Round 10, you’ll be exhausted, feel like a champion, have just gotten an amazing workout in, and you’ll be carrying a lot less stress.

All your energy has gone into the workout instead of spinning
around inside your head wondering what to throw next.

Until you’ve experienced this system, you will never fully understand just how liberating and energizing this is.

Below is the very first Workout you will do in the System. Look at it closely, line by line.

In actual practice, you are only ever looking at one round at a time. No need to pay attention to any of the rest of it.

The key is to clear your mind and only focus on the round at hand.

Here’s an actual copy of workout #1.
(Click to enlarge image)

When you return for your next training session, you turn in your Notebook to “Workout #2”.

It will be exactly the same format, only the combinations and techniques will be different.

There is a ton of variety. More than you’ll find anywhere else.

Each workout has combinations with punches, knee techniques, push kicks, switch kicks, etc.

When I work out, I want to keep every session challenging and full of variety, as do you and your clients.

Admittedly, you will be throwing a lot of right crosses and left hooks…. that’s just the nature of the fight game.

Jabs too. And roundhouse kicks. Get used to ‘em, you’ll be throwing them a lot.

But there’s a ton of different techniques we’ll be using at various times during the workout program, so you get to at least practice a lot of different weapons to keep all your skills sharp and growing.

Besides a heavy load of basics, you’ll have spinning backfists and elbows, Superman punches, clinch fighting, you name it.

Some things don’t get used a lot in life, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to practice them and become proficient with them.

It adds a lot of spice to your training.

Since the workouts rotate in succession, it will be a month or maybe two before you’ll see the same workout.

This keeps it fresh and interesting. Even after several years the workouts don’t get boring.

Take boxing for example: Boxing is the sweet science and it’s based off of a small number of punches.But it is interesting enough to last a lifetime.
So when you add in the plethora of techniques that Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA give you, you have enough tools to keep things interesting for years and years. Certainly.

Your body is your instrument through which you express yourself.
And like a musician you don’t get bored playing the same instrument.
But you enjoy the challenge of striving towards perfection… all the while being able to express yourself more and more truly as your mastery over your instrument increases.
 Self Expression is what Bruce Lee said the martial arts were all about.

Closing Thoughts: I have pared a complete exercise method, modality, and philosophy down to its bare essence.

There is nothing that needs to be added, and there is nothing that you should take away.

There is zero fluff at the Kickboxing Underground. Every action in the System was designed for a purpose.

Like a sculptor I chipped and chipped away at this System until there was nothing left that could be removed or changed.

The essence that remained is what I feel is the world’s strongest, most robust comprehensive workout system. If you as a Trainer are guiding the way, a beginner can use it. And even a pro fighter could use this with complete satisfaction.

And we do not offer a Refund Policy, so it’s important you choose wisely.

You must know how to throw the techniques, because no instruction is given in them.

Don’t just mindlessly hit the “Buy Now” button. Make sure this is for you.

This is suitable for the newer Personal Trainer all the way up to professional level with no deviation.

But this is not recommended for complete beginners to fight training.

Perhaps after several months of kickboxing classes.

You really need to know what the techniques are and how they might flow from one to another or you will have no idea how to do the combinations, which is why I pasted the sample workout above.

But above all:

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