The Kickboxing Underground is a movement of satellite trainers, all around the world, who want to train using a complete system that will keep you growing without burning you out or over-training you. With or without a partner. We all train on the same System. This system gives you your own personal “Fight Camp” every time you show up to train.

Here’s why I created this system:
When you have to remember a Youtube video you saw last week that you want to try, and then go search for it, get it set up, suffer thru all the idle chit chat and commercials, and then keep running back to your phone or tablet to play and pause the video…. all of your workout energy, and fun, has just been drained from the process. If you can’t just “show up” and have your training system take you thru a session, then you already have inertia working against you.

The Kickboxing Underground is a worldwide home fight-training workout revolution. It was never created to be a product. I wasn’t trying to come up with “something to sell”. It was created to be a solution.
It solves every problem I had with trying to have my own home workout routine. It includes everything I wanted to throw and do. And there is nothing in it that’s going to waste your time, or pad your workouts with fluff in the name of filling up your workout time.

I used to own an L.A. Boxing gym, which soon became “UFC GYM” and I have personally witnessed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of kickboxing classes and fight trainings. I took the best practices from all of this exposure, combined with my own personal research and practice, and created a system of working out that eliminated every weakness in how home trainees try to conduct their workouts. It addresses why they fail, and it does the opposite.

Most people haven’t thought of how to avoid over training, or how to avoid overuse injuries, or how to conquer exercise avoidance, or how to keep heavy bag training 100% fight focused, or how to make training more fun and at the same time more productive, or how to make sure every session is a “10”, and how to make their home training operate 100% on autopilot instead of killing themselves with constant thinking, planning, and a never-ending search for new workouts and game plans.

Believe me. When I say “I got this”, I really mean it. I’ve thought of everything. This training system is rock solid. You can keep going year after year, continually keeping your skills sharp and your body strong.

I want you to carefully consider it for yourself and see if it resonates with you.

I would love to have you training with me. I would love to have you thrilled with your home fight training.

If you want to do it, I will tell you exactly what it’s going to take to be successful in this training. I won’t sugar coat it and here it is: You have to follow the System 100% as written.

You have to use a timer. You have to have a heavy bag. You have to keep your phone off. You have to avoid the outside world for 45 minutes while you’re training.

If you think you can implement some parts of the system and not the others, you will be disappointed. I don’t want that for you. Every part of the Instructions is to keep things as simple, and as productive, and as easy to replicate as possible.

Here’s an example. Believe this with all your heart because it is absolutely the case: the difference between doing this workout and checking your phone between rounds, and doing this workout without seeing your phone, is the difference between 20% and 100%. The phone, or any other outside distractions, will limit your workout experience by orders of magnitude. But it’s so small of an act. You would never guess it would ruin your workout. But when you follow the System, you never have to worry about workout killers. They’ve been written out of the script. You will encounter none and every training session will be 100%.

Please read the whole site. Know exactly what you’re getting into. Then if you are 100% convinced, sign up. It’s $400. Your life will never be the same. (Yes, that’s how strongly I believe you are going to love training this way, and how happy you are going to be with the improvements in your fight game, and your overall happiness in life).

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