How This System Grows With You

This is more of an “FAQ” kind of thing, rather than an article. But I thought it was important information for some of you to understand, as it really applies in some peoples’ situations.

It might first be helpful to ask and answer the question: “What do I even mean by the System growing with you? What kind of growth am I referring to?”

By “growth”, I mean “learning something new”.

There are a lot of great instructors out there, both in person and by video.

They might be teaching you different kicks, different hand techniques, or any kind of different strikes.

If these strikes are not already part of a combination in one of the workouts, how are you going to do them?

Believe it or not, there are many places during the workout where you can strike as you see fit.

For example, there is one round on one of the workouts where it simply says, “Hooks or Kicks”. That means you decide whether or not you want to throw and practice Hooks, or if you want to practice Kicks.

If you’ve been dying to do the “Tornado Kick”, or some sort of crazy flying upside down twisting kick…. well… here’s you round. Do it to your heart’s content.

There is also “Shadow Boxing” during Round 4 of every workout (1-10). You can do ANYTHING you like during this round.

That means you can do any punch, and kick, any strike whatsoever. You can also just practice footwork, or evasion drills like Bobbing and Weaving.

A teacher may give you a footwork pattern you want to try, or you may be trying to get better at your Slipping. Ok. Perfect time to do it.

Let’s look at something completely different than strikes of their various stripes and colors and take this in a different direction.

Suppose that you have been learning new flexibility techniques. Maybe different stretches, or even Yoga.

Well, those stretches are either going to be when you’re on the ground, when you’re standing, or when you’re moving.

That means they fall into either Round 1, 2, or 3. Every workout.

There will never be a stretch or flexibility technique that you won’t be able to add into your training session seamlessly.

When you train at the Kickboxing Underground, you never have to stop learning, stop growing, stop accumulating new techniques, new combinations. If anything, really, this training system will HELP you make sure you actually practice what you learn.

It gives you the opportunity, the structure, the platform. Without the program, you would likely have the desire to practice the new things you learn, but just as likely to not get around to it.

I should know. For many months, I practiced these various evasion patterns I was learning from Fran Sands (a great boxing coach on Youtube). I did them during “Round 4: Shadow Boxing”.

They made a perfect fit.

You will see as you getting rolling and acclimated to the training, there is room enough to grow!

But if you’re not so inclined to pick up and want to practice new things, no worry. The System will also guide you along perfectly without you ever having to bring anything new to the table. But the option is always there for you if you want!

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