Change the way you train

I urge you to read the whole site so you’ll know what you’re getting into. But when you’re ready to join, you’re in the right place!

Your Own Personal Fight Camp!

Heavy Bag Centered

All of your strikes are on the heavy bag. This gives you resistance to strengthen your muscles, harden your bones, and experience the joy of hard-hitting impact! Crank up your music. Wrap up our hands. Put on your gloves. And start your round timer. There is no better way to train!

Fight Focused

The heavy bag is your opponent. You don’t just train, you fight! This builds the fight habits and disciplines that are so important.
There’s also no “bootcamp exercises” to do. We get ALL of our exercise thru exciting fight combinations! Never take your eyes off your opponent. Monitor your guard. Keep your chin down.
Respect the punching range!



You rotate through a series of workouts.
There is more variety than you would ever come up with on your own. Keeps all of your workouts fresh and lets your trainees learn lots of great techniques and combinations. A system like this is what you need to keep your clients interested, progressing, and sharpening their game!

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